Primal Giants

Souther Rock Jam Band
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Some bands have tremendous live energy. Some bands can write songs that make the hair on you neck stand up. Primal Giants do both.
Matt Meli, Head Engineer/Producer @ Orb Recording Studios

Begin at the Beginning...

In the beginning there was a dream—an energy with the ability to guide us if we’re able to look at what that dream truly is…

For years it was songs written for other artists or requested by television and film. But now it’s the pure, raw expression of an artist writing for nothing but art and the truth. JR Hendry’s proven songwriting has been infused with a powerhouse of veteran musicians, creating undeniable and irresistable ear candy that has received nothing but an enthusiastic embrace by it’s listeners. With a full album primed for release and a band built to perform, Primal Giants is taking it's date with destiny.

Moving in the moment...

Dedicated would be an understatement. Primal Giants are a true fan’s dream-come-true—a band that thrives on constant creativity and produces new music nearly as prolifically as they breathe.

Every month they write, arrange and track new music in-studio together—crafting an endless stream of innovation for their tribe to enjoy. Two more incredible EPs have already been tracked live at yellow DOG Studios in Wimberley, TX and are ready for mix and release. And with the quality in the band itself—a collection of seasoned session and touring players, this music is anything but average.

Where it leads...

Music was never intended to be noise or entertainment. When ancient man first stretched his skin and made rhythm, it was for moving the soul—to remove ourselves from the moment and see something grander.

It is the intention of Primal Giants to enliven the human spirit in the same ancient way, connecting soul and spirit through music and dance from both sides of the stage. This life and music is a beautiful gift to celebrate together.

JR Hendry

Lead Vox, Guitar

Steve Littleton

Piano, Keys

Chris Doege


Taka Shimada

Lead Guitar

Josh Motlong



Untethered Album





GENRES: Southern Rock, Jam Band, Americana, Red Dirt


INFLUENCES: Drive-By Truckers, Blackberry Smoke, Widespread Panic, Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter, Little Feat, Grateful Dead, Townes Van Zandt